The grand mausoleum of Bakhtiar Khan at Chainpur,is a fine piece of Indo-Afghan architecture. Bakhtiar Khan was a relative and chieftain of great Afghan ruler Sher Shah, having his jagir at Chainpur.The 16th century grand structure, an archaeological survey of India (ASI) protected monument, is exact counterpart of the tomb of Hasan Khan Sur, the father of Sher Shah, at Sasaram, but of a larger dimensions and with a small beautiful cupola on its dome. Situated amidst a big courtyard measuring 288 feet long and 230 feet wide and surrounded with a strong fortification of 8 feet height. There are four cabins topped by small domes at four corners of the courtyard. The eastern wall has a great arched entrance, having two big double story cabins on its both sides and each have two small but beautiful pinnacles a top.

The grand octagonal structure of the red stone mausoleum of 139 feet outer and 56 feet inner diameter with 12 feet wide walls and surrounded with an 8’4” wide ornamental pavilion, is an unique architectural marble. There are three classic arched doors on each side of the octagonal pavilion and upper walls form nicely carved cupolas, the 24 arched doors and an equal number of hemisphere cupolas, enriching the gravity of the main structure, have a superb glance.

There are seven nicely carved arch doors on seven sides and a mimber on the place of western door and the aayatas of kuran sharif are engraved on it. There are 30 graves in the main hall, resting Bakhtiar Khan in the middle and two stairs on northern and eastern side for going atop the mausoleum. The semi circle grand dome, resting over the main hall with a marvelous canopy atop it and latticed pinnacles on its eight corners, have a hypnotizing effect on visitors. River Kuhira and Madurna hill adjacent western side of the mausoleum, provide a beautiful scenic background.

Out of three masterpieces of Afghan architecture in Bihar, two of them the mausoleum of emperor Sher Shah and his father Hasan Khan Sur at Sasaram are situated amidst dense population and pollution. But the third of them the unique mausoleum of Bakhtiar Khan is situated amidst beautiful natural sceneries having river Kuhira flowing behind and Madurna hill standing across. Here sufficient government and private land is available for beautification and making standard tourist facilities. The place, with all weather roads and well established transportation facilities is at a distance of 12km from Kaimur district headquarters Bhabua. District administration under district magistrate Dr Nawal Kishoor Chaudhary is implementing a master plan for providing standard tourist facilities her. The day is near when the grand mausoleum amidst beautiful sceneries will be a point of great attraction for the tourists interested in medieval history, architecture and natural sceneries.