Harsu Brahm Dham at Chainpur is respected as Supreme Court for the demoniacal and people who are suffering from incurable diseases. Thousands of people from India and abroad reach here every year to get rid of evil powers, ailments and also for a son to inherit their clan.

There is no historical account available to know the actual events but folklores say that Harsu Pandey, the chief priest of king Shalivahan of Sakarwar dynasty, died during the hunger strike in the fort against alleged injustice by the king in January 1428AD. He became a ‘Brahm’ and destroyed the king, his kingdome and dynasty.

Another belief say that Baba, after alleged insult by the king, met Delhi Sultanate ruler Alauddin Khilji and motivated him for attacking king Salivahan. The king was killed and his kingdom was destroyed by the enemy army. Whatever may be the reality but it is a historical fact that Sakarwar dynasty was ended and Muslim rulers and their chieftains occupied the state of Chainpur after defeat of king Salivahan.

Later, a temple was made by the queen on the place of his death in the abandoned fort. Baba cures the visitors from physical and mental disorders in his court as per centuries long belief. Demoniacs and incurable patients are brought here daily. But thousands of people, mostly women, reach her during auspicious Navaratris and in Shravan month. They get rid of the evil souls and diseases. Only a ‘Kharaun’ (wooden sandal), ‘Janeu’ (sacred thread) and some sweets are offered as court fee after fulfillment of desire.

The Dham is like Supreme Court for evil powers. Here ghosts are summoned and punished in Durbar (Royal court) of Baba, priest Rajkeshwar Tripathy Chainpury said. The unique court of Baba Harsu Brahm, in the ruins of the ancient Chainpur fort, is situated at a distance of 12 kms from Kaimur district headquarters, Bhabua and 232 kms south-west of the state capital, Patna. The management of shrine has been taken over by Bihar State Religious Trust Board.

Road and rail links are available from Mughalsarai and Gaya. Tourist and pilgrims can experience the interesting supernatural process of summoning and burning ghost at the Dham and can enjoy good fooding and lodging facilities at Bhabua. District magistrate Nawal Kishor Chaudhary has chalked out a master plan for developing standard tourist facilities at the place.